19 thoughts on “Gallery: Nudibranchs

    • Tanks so much, Indah! I love them too – such fun! Will upload some more before too long 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  1. Hi. Thank you for the comment on my site. I do follow your posts and have visited your photo galleries more than once. Your photo and video work is beautiful and I relly like the collection of nudibranchs! Hopefully, I can continue to grow my collection. Best wishes to you and I love your blog on so many levels.

  2. What camera you used to take these amazing photos? I’m learning and just started underwater photography with my Leica D-lux 6. I hope to learn from you.
    PS: Nudibranchs are too cute. Whenever I see them, I wish I could yell..

    • Hi Boo, I shoot fully manual on a Canon G12 with a single strobe, but it has taken me years of practice to start getting decent shots 😊 All I can recommend is shooting in manual settings and in RAW rather than jpg as soon as possible to give yourself the greatest control over your images. Working with a good editing program like Lightroom helps to give your images that final bit of polish. I look forward to seeing some of your images ☺ ps When I saw my first ever Tambja Verco’s, I literally pulled my regular out and yelled ‘WOW!!!’ So funny 😆😆😆

      • Thanks a lot. You took impresive shots. When I saw the nudibranch first time, I did yell with the regular in my mouth and turned to find my buddy and shook her. Haha

      • That’s funny and cool – maybe they have the same effect on everyone 🙂 Imagine how I felt with those massive Spanish Dancers! 😀 ps There are some excellent underwater photography workshops around. I did a 10 day course in the Philippines a few years back – it was a huge learning curve but is slowly starting to pay off. Tanks so much for your kind feedback on my images 😀

      • The Philippines is beyond amazing, and I would highly recommend those workshops. Happy diving, Boo – May the Fish be With You! 😀

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