Rapid Bay & Ewens Ponds

Dear Critters,

I was so excited to travel to South Australia in March 2014 to meet my niece’s newborn twins, Izzy and JJ!

And I was more than a little thrilled to make the detour to the iconic Rapid Bay Jetty for some play time with the magnificent leafy sea dragons (check out my video section for some footage of how blissful the diving was there *sigh*)

I absolutely adore the picture my best buddy LP took of me and a beautiful leafy dragon (plus huge tanks to him and Julie Bear for buying those bright pink hoses for my birthday in February!)

On the way home, we just couldn’t resist stopping at Ewens Ponds just outside of Mount Gambier for my first ever fresh water dive. Buoyancy control is soooo different from diving in salt water and I’m sad to say I felt like a total newbie.

Hate to admit it, but I created a siltstorm or two as I made my way through the four freshwater ponds, demonstrating total lack of coordination once or twice, at times almost decimating that otherwise pristine visibility …

Thankfully, I got to take a few photos of my buddies along the way to show you how strange it is to swim through such an eerily beautiful underwater landscape.

Rapid Bay Jetty and Ewens Ponds – two more items crossed off my Bucket List – yeah, baby!!!

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx

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