Video: Philippines Adventure

Dear Critters,

I’d had an amazing time when I travelled to Anilao in the Philippines by myself in 2012 to join a 10 day underwater photography workshop.So it was high on my bucket list to take my darling Abe and our dive buddies Mark and Julie to the Philippines  We stayed in Puerto Galera and as expected I dived beyond my limits, doing 31 dives in 8 days.(I simply cannot be so close to water and not be fully submersed! :-P)

Not surprising, my camera skills were more than a little rusty after spending over 160 days at or in hospital in 2013.But I was so excited to take Julie and Mark on their first overseas dive holiday! How wonderful to spend quality time with sea snakes and turtles and even to hang out at ’42 Wallaby Way, Sydney’ with Dory from Finding Nemo!

At some point, I will aim to finish making my short film of our dives in the Philippines. But for now, here’s a quick sneak peak at some of the amazing wildlife we witnessed on Mark and Julie’s Underwater Adventure!

Love and Bubbles,

PT xxx

4 thoughts on “Video: Philippines Adventure

    • Riz – you simply MUST dive in the Philippines! It has some of the best dive spots in the world – Anilao, Puerto Galera, Malapascua, Dumagete, Donsol and soooo much more! You are blessed to live so close to such an amazing underwater world – now get some fins on and go for an adventure! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

      • I know right?! I’ve followed your blog for inspiration. Haha! Keep posting. And hopefully I get to post my own dive adventure very soon!

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