Video: Scuba Rapid Bay

Dear Critters,

It was such a privilege to travel to South Australia to meet my newborn twin great-niece Izzy and nephew JJ and to attend the wedding of Abe’s cousin Sean. Extending the trip to do three dives at the world famous Rapid Bay Jetty was an extraordinary bucket list bonus!

Aside from having something of an obsession for cuttlefish which were plentiful, I was very excited to finally have an opportunity to go searching for one of the most delicate and exquisite marine creatures to inhabit the ocean. I often dive with weedy sea dragons in Melbourne, but the chance to swim with their delicate cousins – the aptly named leafy sea dragon – was an opportunity not to be missed!

I hope you enjoy the serenity that is Rapid Bay with its leafies, fish schools, cuttlefish and stingrays just the way it is.

Enormous thanks to Dive Master Extraordinaire Nate from NB Scuba in Adelaide for helping us to locate the elusive sea dragons. This is definitely a dive to add to every bucket list! 🙂

Love and Bubbles,

PT xxx

ps While I can’t load this next version of this video on YouTube, I am able to share it with you here:


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