Video: Stingrays, Rye Pier

Dear Critters,

Some dives, the magic just glides into your soul. My three buddies and I swam out just past the end of the pier into visibility so awful we could barely see each another. And we just settled on the bottom with an odd sense of anticipation, but having no idea what to expect. Actually, we were probably all wondering why we had entered the water at all. Conditions were beyond silty – perhaps this was a dive to abort?

Then they came towards us as though we had awaited them all along, swirling between us and brushing gently against us like massive models on a sandy catwalk. Again and again, they circled and swam between us – the four of them connecting deeply and without fear with the four of us.

And finally, they disappeared into the grey, but still I stayed and waited. And waited. They were still out there somewhere – were they watching me wondering where they were? And out of the thick, grey mist, one returned, heading straight towards me, inviting me to swim. Together we swam side by side, weaving in and out of the tall, sponge-encrusted pylons. But I was much smaller and tired easily, and it was all I could do to catch up again when I lagged behind.

We almost called this dive off when we first arrived at the pier. The water was murky, and surely we wouldn’t find anything beyond the pier today. And in truth, we didn’t find anything that day. They found us.

Love and Bubbles,

PT xxx

2 thoughts on “Video: Stingrays, Rye Pier

  1. Moments like this is the sole reason I got certified. They are my favorite animals, and just the thought of going for a dive and coming across a surprise like this is unbelievable! I can’t wait to check out your other videos and I’m very excited to have another diver following me over at Taken By The Lapels as I get started. 10 days till USVI. Wish me luck!

    • Hey rosephoebe, totally agree! How incredible when magnificent creatures like this initiate contact – it was just awe-inspiring! They have such amazing personality and presence – the massive grey ray with the freckles (we call him Morgan) kept brushing past me. I did reciprocate with a pat, but only because he asked for one. This really was a dive that I will never, ever forget! All the best with your blog and your trip – so exciting!!! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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