Journey to Atlantis


Dear Critters,

Call me crazy, but last month I literally spent 8 days under water in Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera in the Philippines. I did 3-5 dives each day (31 in total), and despite the valet diving at Atlantis Dive Resort, there were times when I totally crashed face down unexpectedly amidst the typical sleep-eat-dive-dive-eat-dive-dive-dive-eat-sleep cycle. Sometimes my body has trouble keeping pace with my spirit but to be honest that has never stopped me from trying 🙂

It was so exciting to return to the Philippines after my solo expedition two years ago, this time with my darling Abe and our dearest dive buddies LP and Julie Bear for company.

And as always on holidays, my heart goes out to any strangers I see taking photos of each other against some exotic backdrop, rather than having their photo taken together. Everywhere I go, I see people in this situation and I quickly volunteer to take their photo for them. Usually, the strangers disappear from my life as quickly as they came, with only the photo on their camera as proof that our paths ever crossed.

However on this trip, the couple I randomly offered to photograph proved to be the delightful Susan (above in purple) and Richard (in blue) who quickly expanded our little dive group of four to six. Here’s the picture I took of them on their camera to introduce myself:


 How wonderful to make new friends on holidays, and how proud I was of Susan for doing her Advanced Open Water course and to Julie Bear, LP, Richard and Susan for all completing their Nitrox course. Here we all are in the picture at the top celebrating their achievements, along with Dive Master Norm (in the red shirt) and videographer Rob (standing beside me in the back row) who took some amazing professional video of our dives for us!

I love travelling and diving. I adore the feeling of gliding through the salt water to encounter all the amazing creatures that inhabit the ocean. I love the feeling that each minute under water is healing my body and nourishing my soul. But there is something absolutely priceless about the social aspect of meeting new people who share the same passion. Long after the salt water has dried from your skin, the friends you have made leave a smile on your face, along with the hope that one day you might meet again to share another underwater adventure 🙂


Love and Bubbles,

PT xxx

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