Dive 249 Sea Dragon and Octopus

Today my buddy LP (aka Mark Jones) and I dived under Flinders Pier for the second week running. Highlights of the dive included:

  • playing underwater baseball
  • having a 5 mtr swim race (I say I won, but LP says I stopped before the finishing line …)
  • finally making friends with my new pink Tusa dive mask – yay!!! 🙂
  • ditching my new pink tropics fins for my trusty, rusty black Xpert Zooms
  • AND LP finding a gorgeous octopus that reached out a long, orange tentacle to each of us!

While there was no sign today of the big stingrays or the beautiful draughtboard shark we met last week, we got to play with a few pretty chilled out weedy sea dragons as usual.

Here’s the INCREDIBLE video my buddy made (compiled from this week and last week’s dive), including octopus, eagle ray, weedy sea dragons, stingray, draughtboard shark and more!  You can see him filming it at the start of my video, but his video totally puts mine to shame!!!

At 66 mins, this was a fairly short dive for us due to other commitments. Despite needing to wear thermals for the 14 degree celcius temperature, I didn’t really feel too cold at any point. And I’m finally feeling that my buoyancy is starting to come good again after so many months out of the water last year.

Super-sad that it will be at least two weekends until my next dive, but blissed out that this was such a sweet, cruisy dive to tide me over before my BIG Dive 250!!!

Hope you enjoy this little video – certainly not my best work, but just had to show you our pretty occy! 🙂

And don’t forget to watch last weekend’s video of Dive 248 while you’re here to see our first encounter with a draughtboard shark 🙂

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx

2 thoughts on “Dive 249 Sea Dragon and Octopus

    • Wow – tank you, Loca Gringa – we have such special critters in our local waters – too beautiful for words, and even my camera truly never does them true justice. Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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