Video: Spider Crab Disco

Dear Critters,

Have you ever been to a spider crab disco? It’s both exciting and hilarious!  Thousands of eager crabs line up in anticipation outside the disco door, with bouncers to make sure everyone stays civilised. When the door opens, the impatient crowd climb over each other to get in, ready for some insane dance floor action. Sure there are a few wallflowers quietly watching on, but most of these crazy crabs are here to get their groove on, and some even glam up for the occasion!

When the beat drops, the spider crabs bust out their coolest moves in every style you can imagine. Moshing, line dancing, break dancing, moon walking, crowd surfing, tragic 80s moves … I even saw one doing the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ dance! Some have loads of style, strutting their stuff til they trip over their own feet, taking others down with them!

At one point, a large yellow seahorse impressed the crowd with an elegant solo waltz, and a banjo shark owned the dance floor, gliding through the crabby crowd. Honestly, they were all having such a great time, I just couldn’t help myself – I had to pass my camera to my buddy LP so I could join in for a little underwater, tongue-poking boogie of my own.

In the end, the dancing crabs partied for endless hours under a gorgeous sea jelly disco ball. I hope you enjoy this fun video of the recent spider crab disco at Rye Pier during the annual migration of 2014 as much as I enjoyed making it!

Love and bubbles,
PT xxx

ps my friend paparazzibob told me he went to a spider crab disco once – he was having an awesome time, but then he pulled a mussel! Hilarious! 😛

10 thoughts on “Video: Spider Crab Disco

    • Again, I am so honoured to share this fun with you, urright2no 🙂 Tank you so much for taking the time to watch and enjoy – your reply brings me so much joy! 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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