Dive 255: This is Bliss!

Dear Critters,

Dive 255 was honestly the most magical dive of my life! Though we hadn’t made plans to dive today, my buddy LP contacted me early this morning with an offer I just couldn’t refuse; within the hour we were making our way to Flinders Pier for a crisp winter’s dive.

Only moments after we entered the water in the sparkling winter sun, we spotted the most incredible sea jelly (one of my absolute favourite critters in the ocean!); I could happily have spent an hour filming the delicate creature as its soft body strobed with dazzling electric lights (I can’t wait to share the footage I took with you in my next post!) Cross my heart, I have never seen one as amazing as this before!

When LP beckoned me away from the jelly, I knew something incredible must be waiting for us at the far end of the pier. I was so excited when we passed a beautiful eagle ray, but the best was yet to come …

PT and school of fish

Imagine diving past thousands of fairy lights, but those lights are actually enormous shoals of tiny silver fish, swimming slowly between the tall, sponge-encrusted pylons. You move slowly towards them, longing to join their fancy formations.(I just love this picture LP took of me today!)

And when they know that you mean them no harm, they accept you into their school, and every fibre of your being fuses with theirs. Now you are truly one of them as you have always dreamed of becoming.

Please enjoy this short film of my buddy and I swimming with the most blissful schools of fishes I have ever experienced at a Melbourne pier.

Do you have a happy place you can go to in your mind anytime you feel that you need to escape your life? One perfectly blissful memory with the power to sustain you through life’s most difficult moments? Today, LP and I were able to capture that memory on film, and I am so thrilled to be able to share it with you, my dear friends – enjoy!

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx

14 thoughts on “Dive 255: This is Bliss!

  1. Wonderful Video. The music works well with this and it does capture the beauty of that school of fish which is like nothing I have seen at Flinders before. It speaks volumes for the health of the ecosystem there. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Tank you for your kind words, constant encouragement, for this awesome surprise dive and for contributing some footage of me to this film! I had sooooo much fun! Endless bubbles, PT 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you for allowing me to enter this world of peace and tranquility. Peaceful, yet so full of life. Your choice of music added an extra piece of magic to this wonderful sanctuary. Thank you!!!

    • It is such a privilege to bring you into this beautiful world with me, urright2no. Your beautiful and encouraging words touch my heart – tank you so much 🙂 Love and endless, blissful bubbles, PT xxx

  3. I so enjoy the snippets of your life. Guess I will have to come to Australia to share so of your adventures at the piers.

    • That would be so lovely, Jerry! I’m afraid the piers don’t always deliver bliss and it’s possible to dive for months without really seeing anything very special, but lately they have been very special indeed and certainly worth seeing 🙂 Mid-late December might be a good time to plan to come? Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  4. Love the natural movement and synchronicity of the fish, The scene with the sunlight streaming in was inspiring. Like your work!

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