Can Scuba Really Cure Cancer?

PT with 5 knots sign

Dear Critters,

I’m pretty sure no-one has ever done any research in this area, but in my game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’, scuba beats cancer πŸ™‚ Every dive I do makes me feel more alive. When people receive a cancer diagnosis, tragically they usually think of it as some kind of death sentence, but for me it was an awful wake up call. After lots of research, I realised there were many things that I could do to try to regain and sustain my health (and maybe NOT doing some of those things had caused me to become sick in the first place).

When some awful old guy in a white coat tells you that you have two years to live, he’s assuming that every person with your condition is exactly the same, with the same grim mindset and the same passive approach to wellness.Well guess what? That’s just not me.

While I respect anyone else’s choices about how to manage their own health, poisoning my body with deadly chemotherapy toxins, destroying my immune system and killing parts of my body with radiation just didn’t make sense to me as a way to make my body well.After two very near misses with chemotherapy and radiation, I rejected them both and decided to fight my recurrent cancer as naturally as possible. I truly believe that the battle is won or lost in the mind, so the way we respond to diagnosis and the action we are willing to take to rise above it can be the difference between living a happy life and lying down to die.

I didn’t really make any major lifestyle changes after my first cancer diagnosis, so when a bunch of tumours returned less than three years after my first major surgery, I decided it was Game On and time to change some pretty big areas of my life permanently. My personal tumour fighting routine consists of:

* surrounding myself with amazing, positive, encouraging family and friends who believe in me and help me to navigate the tough stuff
* a daily protocol of quark (European cream cheese) mixed with flaxseed oil, crushed flaxseeds, with frozen banana and organic berries, almonds, cocao powder and chia seeds every day for breakfast
* an organic, rainbow salad for lunch every day with a tumour-busting salad dressing consisting of oil, apple cider vinegar, tumeric, black pepper and pink himalayan salt (the salt is for my low blood pressure)
* only drinking fresh squeezed carrot juice, purified water, organic young coconut water, herb robert or green tea
* little to no chemicals in my food, water, beauty or household cleaning products
* no added refined sugar, because sugar feeds tumours
* as much fresh, organic food and as little processed food as possible
* taking supplements that boost my immune system
* avoiding microwaves and excess radiation (such as putting my mobile phone to my ear or unnecessary medical imaging exposure)
* fresh air, sunshine, rest, sleep and exercise (I love walking my dogs!)
* focussing on wellness, rather than on sickness
* maintaining a positive attitude
* never watching the news or reading newspapers that would only put me in a bad headspace
* staying as stress-free as possible
* having lots of fun and never running out of Bucket List items to do before I die
* daily giggle therapy (thanks to cute, funny YouTube videos)
* counting my blessings rather than my woes
* ocean therapy at every possible opportunity – living my passion gives me amazing quality of life πŸ™‚

I’ve also been a vegetarian for many years, and at this stage I have only been able to return to work part-time.Β To me, if the goal is to become healthy, it makes sense to adopt healthy , permanent lifestyle changes. Sometimes it can feel like a full-time job and to be honest some days I feel much sicker than others, but it’s totally worth it. I’ve found that the things I’ve outlined above give me a much greater sense of well-being than I even had before I discovered I was sick, and when I stop doing any of these things, I feel less well than when I did them.

I recommend this regime to anyone, whether to stay well if you are still blessed with your health, or to reclaim your wellness if you have been diagnosed with something nasty. Even if you just take one healthy tip from the list above, then this blog will have been worth writing and reading. If you are not sick, I beg you to do everything in your power not to become sick and to never take your health for granted! But if you are unwell, I hope that you will be able to find the joy in the suffering as I have done and the courage to do whatever will give yourself the best chance of getting well again.

Tank you for taking the time to read through the things that are keeping me alive, and for continuing to follow my blog so that I can keep sharing my underwater adventures with you – doing this gives me more joy than you could ever know! Believe it or not, you are a major part of my recovery – I really feel so honoured to have you with me on this journey.

Love and bubbles,
PT xxx

5 thoughts on “Can Scuba Really Cure Cancer?

  1. Absolutely inspiring PT … And yes agree with u 100% on how you choose to live all depends on urself … thanx for sharing … sending u lots of blessings

    • Tank you so much, Dnesh – we have so much more control over our wellness than we realise. Blessings received and returned. Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  2. I so much enjoy your posts. Your diving videos are great and so is your attitude and outlook on life. Besides, it’s not how we die that matters, but how we live.

    • Tank you so much, Harley πŸ™‚ I love your positive words and your encouraging feedback πŸ™‚ You’re right – death is inevitable, but how we live our lives while we have them is a variable we have so much control over. For me, cancer isn’t a death sentence but a wake-up call about how I can live a better life πŸ™‚ Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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