Dive 257: Nudis & Punks!

Dear Critters,

I kid you not – today’s cold wintery dive with my buddy LP was filled with nudis and punks!

By nudis, I’m referring to nudibranchs, those gorgeous decorative sea slugs that Blairgowrie Marina is famous for.

Beautiful Nudibranch

We spotted at least 4 different varieties of nudibranch, including a pair mating on a pylon.

To understand what I mean by punk, check out the video above of an amazing decorator crab (aka spider crab) that has covered its shell with bright sponges and small branches of bright blue bryozoan in order to camouflage itself into its environment. (Actually, I couldn’t quite figure out if this fashion was punk or high fashion, straight off the catwalks under the piers in Paris … 😛 )

Again, another fairly cold winter’s dive, but the sun was shining and the critters were out, including a lovely fiddler ray (also known as a banjo shark).

Chromodoris Landscape

Tanks so much for taking this quirky little dive with me!

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx


10 thoughts on “Dive 257: Nudis & Punks!

  1. Hey, not soooo cold?? Nice video of the decorator crab. Really nice Nudi Shots too. It was certainly not expected to be so good, but then you never know unless you try. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It was great that the sun was out, and no nasty wind chill factor. Tanks for the awesome dive, LP 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks, Riz – not scary at all – just a fashion conscious spider crab – the sweetest little soul! 🙂 yes, the first photo is a nudibranch – they are all delightfully pretty 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

      • It’s a super authentic looking wardrobe. lol. I’m scared of crabs. I think it has to do with a nursery rhyme we used to sing as kids. LOL.

      • true! funny a friend of mine who studied fashion design said the trend now in fashion is the opposite of minimalism. it’s towards those big, bold structural extensions of the actual garment. Idk how to describe it, but it sounded funny. but that’s the trend she says. :)))

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