PADI Video of the Week!

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.12.58 pm

Dear Critters,

I am very excited that PADI have featured my recent ‘Spider Crab Disco’ film as their ‘Video of the Week’!

In my opinion, PADI are the best provider of scuba diving training in the world (and they’re definitely not paying me to say that! 🙂 )If you ever decide to do an introductory dive or an Open Water scuba certification, most dive shops around the world can provide you with PADI training.

But if you’re just in the mood to dance rather than dive, feel free to click the link above for a bit of Spider Crab Disco fun! (Don’t forget to join me in the Dive Diva Tongue Poke when you view the video – the easiest, silliest underwater dance on the planet 😛 )

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx

9 thoughts on “PADI Video of the Week!

  1. Congratulations my very favourite (and now famous!) amphibious friend.
    I have decided to walk sideways for the test of my day in celebration of your achievement!
    Love and peas
    Bob x

    • Tank you so much, urright2no – I’m just so happy when people get to see these videos and experience this amazing underwater world too. Glad you enjoyed the disco! 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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