Helicopter Surprise

Dear Critters,

I am as surprised as you are that today’s post does not feature video from my trip last weekend to the Great Barrier Reef and the magnificent Coral Sea …

where's wally melbourne 3

Today my amazing friend Carrie kindly drove me to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre for my 7th session of palliative treatment. Although she had led me to believe that we might possibly be going for a picnic lunch afterwards, instead she drove me to the nearest airport for my first ever helicopter flight!

in front of helicopter

Everything about this half hour experience was utterly incredible! It was like floating in a bubble over the most beautiful city in the world.

city skyline

In the distance I could see the waters of the Mornington Peninsula where I dive most weekends, kissing the shoreline.

where's wally melbourne 2

Just like diving, flying high above the city at over 300kms per hour gives you an entirely different perspective of the world and your place in it.

over melbourne freeway

One cannot help but be awed by the beauty of a bird’s eye view which is so much more intimately connected to the landscape than the quick glimpse seen through a plane window on take-off or landing.

over melbourne 5

Today I made an outrageous statement. ‘Flying in a helicopter’, I declared, ‘Is as amazing as scuba diving.’ The heart within me bubbled with familiar awe and wonder, and I meant what I said with every fibre of my being.

total city 1

On the way to the airport, Carrie and I discussed the respective appeals of both scuba diving and sky diving. While I’m not sure that I’m quite ready yet to jump out of a plane (or a helicopter!), today’s flight somehow took me into the same blissful state I enter every time I sink beneath the surface of the sea.

st kilda

where's wally melbourne 4

My most heartfelt thanks to Carrie for helping me tick yet another extraordinary adventure off my Bucket List, and to our young pilot Nathan for making this sky-high expedition so incredibly memorable.

carrie in plane

My gorgeous friend Carrie who made this surprise adventure happen for me today xxxxx

albert park lake

Love and bubbles that float over skyscrapers,

PT xxx

ps Tank you so much for visiting my blog. While you are here, please check out more videos and pictures of my adventures, and please don’t forget to like Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Helicopter Surprise

    • It really was, Loca Gringa! Diving is floating, but a helicopter takes floating to a whole new level! Total bliss 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

    • Jerry – I am so excited to have you along for all my adventures! If only you could be there in person 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

    • Precious Carrie, tank you SOOOOOOO much for this incredible surprise adventure. You know and understand me so well! I’m completely thrilled that you love the video – it means we can fly over Melbourne together any time we want (just press ‘play’!) Love you lots, Girl – you are the priceless treasure xxxxx

    • You are totally right, Paula. Beautiful friend. Beautiful city. What more could a girl want??? Much love to you and Gary always – we miss you both xxx

    • Tank you so much, Sheena. This day will live long and warm in my memory. I really appreciate your kind words and prayers. Love you lots, PT xxx

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