Dive 298: Helping 4 Friends Discover Scuba!

Dear Critters,

As you are probably aware by now, sharing my love of the ocean with those who have not yet discovered it for themselves is one of my life’s greatest passions! Although I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, thankfully I have been given permission by my doctors to dive as much as I can for as long as possible. During that time, I’m totally determined to share my obsession with the underwater world with friends, family and total strangers through my adventures on this blog, as well as by introducing quite a few to the planet’s greatest hobby in person.

James and Monique listening at Academy of Scuba

Several months ago, Spunky Abe and I were kindly invited to dinner at our friends Monique and James’ house, and by the end of the night we had subjected them to an endless showreel of my underwater videos. ‘We totally have to do this for ourselves!’ they declared with bright and delighted eyes, and we promised that we would help to make it happen. (Here they are listening intently to the dive skills briefing, and all donned up, ready for their first underwater adventure!)

Monique and James posing

Not long after dinner with Monique and James, we attended the wedding of Abe’s friend Nick and his fabulous fiancΓ©, Jen. We were delighted to see ‘Scuba Diving in the Open Sea. Together’ written in the Book of Dreams they had prepared for their life together.


Nick had dived a couple of times before, but Jen had not even been in a swimming pool since age 5 which had not been a good memory for her. Even contemplating this Discover Scuba dive was an enormous step for Jen, but one that she faced with courage, optimism and perseverance. (I think this picture of Nick and Jen belongs in a magazine ad for Discover Scuba πŸ˜‰ )

Nick and Jen at Academy of Scuba

Jen looked like a total dive shop mannequin as she practised her mask and snorkel skills while waiting for the show to begin! I had only met her once before as I congratulated her in her wedding dress, but we honestly have so much in common (including the fact that we are both doing our best to teach cancer some manners) and I already love this gorgeous girl to bits!

Jen and Snorkel

Jen and Nick in the water

Despite hideous conditions at Rye Pier the previous day (when LP, Julie Bear and I elected to do my Dive 297 at Flinders instead under equally ick conditions), Sunday proved the perfect day for our four awesome friends to do their trial dive. The water was blue, relatively calm and not too cold, and it was so exciting to see all of our newbie diver friends having an awesome time in the water πŸ™‚

Nick underwater

They all did an amazing job. Jen took a massive step in conquering her fear of water and is looking forward to trying another dive in the future. Nick dived like a Total Pro and Monique dived like a Salt Water Princess. James totally cracked me up around every pylon, diving like a Turbo Clown. He was totally hilarious, zooming through the water and pulling all manner of underwater stunts, like barrel rolls and attempting to vanish like a magician behind a cloud of sand (he even did the Dive Dive Tongue Poke! πŸ˜› )

James underwater

I am so proud of James, Monique, Jen and Nick for how well they did their Discover Scuba experience. They all quickly learned the infamous ‘OK’ dive signal which they demonstrated at every opportunity, and all four have said they can’t wait to experience their next dive adventure.

Monique underwater


If you have read this far and have not yet tried scuba, I strongly encourage you to give it a go asap, or at the very least, to put it on your Bucket List (unless you have sinus problems or some other valid reason for staying out of the water, in which case you might just be stuck watching all my videos πŸ˜‰ ) If you are a diver and have not dived in a while, it might just be time to dust off your wetsuit and fins and treat yourself to some much needed Ocean Therapy.

As for me, I am a Diveaholic. It has been two full days since my last dive. Is it nearly the weekend yet???

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx

ps Tanks so much for reading this blog piece. While you’re here, why not check out a few more of my underwater adventures with great white sharks, sea snakes, manta rays and more!

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19 thoughts on “Dive 298: Helping 4 Friends Discover Scuba!

  1. Hi PT,

    Swamped with orders but a great video, we both enjoyed it so much.

    Great filming, nice people and great music.

    Sorry to hear one of the girls has cancer.

    Got to fly, love you heaps.

    Don’t forget, Bob Beck Protocol DVD, important J

    Love from Kirb & Nancy


    • Tank you so much, Kirby and Nancy. Jen is a fighter just like me and is now considered to be in remission – yay!!! Love you both always and forever, PT xxx

  2. Thank you for always bringing out the very best in everyone and remindimg is all that this life is a gift worth of living, in and out of the water.

    • Tank you for your wonderful encouragement as always, realsomefoya πŸ™‚ Life truly is a precious gift and the ocean seems to bring the best out in us all. Blessings for the rest of your week πŸ™‚ Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  3. Another instalment in the journey of life, sharing a world so few really ever get to see and appreciate. One by one people will be converted to another train of thought and they will come to realise that all the world is beautiful, not just what they see day to day. Um. Is it the weekend yet? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Tank you, LP. It is such a joy to see people’s faces when they take that first breath underwater. Somehow, it is like they are being born into the ocean world and it changes them forever πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. What a great time everyone had! Well done sharing your joy in diving! I really enjoy your videos and makes me want to go snorkelling. I am in Tasmania at the moment so too cold for swimming. Missing the water!

    Have a lovely day PT. Xx 😊

    • Tank you so much for your kind words, Maria! Such a great group of friends and I am so thrilled they had this opportunity on such a lovely day πŸ™‚ My next dive trip is going to be to Uepi Island which is meant to have the best snorkelling in the world! I’ve heard the diving is really good in Tasmania. Hope you get to go for a swim and a snorkel before too long – salt water is bliss, no matter how you get it! Have a wonderful day, Maria πŸ™‚ Love and bubbles, PT xxx

      • I must look up Uepi Island to see where it is! I hope you have a wonderful time diving there.

        Tasmania has lots of seals and we went on a boat around Bruny Island and saw five humpback whales so that was really special. We saw albatross too.

        So right about the saltwater – it is my favourite place to be! Happy days PT xxx

      • Uepi is definitely worth looking up! Only 3kms around and 600 mtrs wide – diving and snorkelling paradise (though Bruny Island sounds AMAZING – humpbacks? WOW!!!!:-D ) Hope you have a blissful day, Maria! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

      • I looked up Uepi and it’s on my list now! Thanks for telling me about it. 😊 Apparently, about a month ago on this Bruny Island cruise they saw a blue whale ….. Now that would be something!! It was twice as long as the boat.

        That would be a rare treat indeed! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ³πŸ³. Have a swimmingly good day, PT. Xx

    • It’s so awesome to see dreams become reality, Paula! Hope I get to share the ocean again with you sometime soon – miss you! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  5. so amazing that you got to share that! I JUST did my first post-certification dive this weekend & am totally still riding that euphoria… it’s better than I could’ve ever imagined! can’t wait to get back into the ocean

    • That is soooo awesome, Phyllis! Welcome to the best hobby on the planet! It’s a big step, but one that changes your life and your understanding of the world and your place in it πŸ™‚ I hope you have a lifetime full of amazing underwater adventures – I hope I hear about them all! Happy diving, friend! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

    • Tanks so much, lovely zebrakat! Hope life is treating you kindly and that all your wildest fishes come true over this Christmas season! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  6. Hey PT. I am a very regular visitor, but not such a regular poster. Great to see the word being spread about the awesome world underwater. I am planning my next trip now, this time to the southern red sea. Lots of critters, but a bit smaller than the ones in the GBR. Great white dive looks stunning.

    Say a big Hi to Abe, Mark and Julie from Nikki and I please.

    Keep blowing bubbles.
    Andrew in London.

    • Hey Andrew, great to hear from you! How exciting about your trip to the Red Sea – I am turning pink with envy! You would have LOVED the great whites (a very different experience from the shark feed at Osprey Reef, but just beautiful nonetheless!) Our next trip will be to celebrate Dive 300 in the Solomon Islands – can’t wait! Love to you and Nikki and your nutty family from all of us in Melbourne. Dive safe and please take some great photo or videos for us to check out of your next trip. Love and bubbles, PT πŸ™‚ ps the pic I took of you and the octopus on the pylon is one of several I have included on my PTScuba business card – I just love that shot! πŸ™‚

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