Video: Octopus Waltz

Dear Critters,

As promised, here’s a video my dive buddy Mark ‘LP’ Jones and I filmed recently of him dancing with an octopus (literally moments after we got the chance to play with a beautiful big cuddlefishΒ at Flinders Pier).

Lately we have had some truly special underwater encounters with some absolutely gorgeous, playful creatures. At first I wondered whether this octopus was falling in love with its own reflection in LP’s big round camera dome. But the more I study the footage, the more I suspect that this fabulous occy mistook the lens dome for a tunnel and was trying its best to climb into it! (I am certain that I can detect a few moments of pure bewilderment on the creature’s beautifully expressive face πŸ™‚ ) I can never get enough of octopuses. Here’s another video I filmed recently of a beautiful occy climbing a pylon under the same pier, along with a few of its friends:

It is an absolute privilege to spend quality time with some of the most amazing creatures in the ocean. I have lots more video to share with you over the coming weeks, and for some time now I have felt fairly sick and unsure whether I would actually be in a position to share them with you at all. However, after my gazillionth CT scan late last week, I am thrilled to report that the tumours I’ve been battling this time round seem to have responded well to the prayers of my loved ones and the palliative radiation I undertook late last year. (Even this gorgeous occy seemed to wish me better health not too long ago: )

Although the scan still shows at least one large tumour, it appears to be significantly smaller than it was on my last scans, and somehow I feel filled with even more life, love and hope that I was before. Instead of wondering now whether every dive might be my last, I feel much more confident that I might have enough time left on this earth to start working on my backlog of videos to share with you very soon. Instead of fearing that each dive might be my last, my heart fills with hope for some wondrous dive adventures for the future πŸ™‚

Life is wonderful, Critters, and not a single moment should ever be taken for granted. Tank you from the bottom of my heart to each one who has journeyed along side me, prayed for me, wished upon shooting stars for my recovery, encouraged and supported my passion for the all the extraordinary underwater moments that have made me feel the most alive. I may not be entirely out of the woods as far as my health is concerned, but the smile on my face could not be wider πŸ˜€

With much love of life and bubbles of gratitude,

PT xxx

ps Tank you so much for watching this octopus waltz! While you are here, I hope you will check out a few of my other ‘scuba vs tumour’ underwater adventures …

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ppps Also, be sure toΒ check out more of my buddy Mark ‘LP’ Jone’s brilliant underwater films, click HERE!

8 thoughts on “Video: Octopus Waltz

  1. A very nicely written piece my friend. Yes we were very lucky and on this day saw more than you may expect. On another note, yes you have received wonderful news. Diving to live, living to dive, believing in yourself. I guess it doesn’t really matter, as long as the result is the same. Many more stories to be told, and encounters to share.
    LP 😊😊😊

    • Tank you LP and sincere apologies for the delayed reply! This was an extraordinary dive experience – tank you so much for sharing it with me! Every dive is an extraordinary joy and blessing, but this one was a reg-out WOW moment! You are the Critter Whisperer Extrordinaire πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely video! Like you, I love gazing at octopi… but thus far I haven’t had too many encounters with them while diving.
    Congrats on your positive health news and thanks for the reminder to enjoy all of life’s moments. It’s such an important thing to remember. Cheers to you and to your having more time to enjoy your passions, and to share them with the world!

    • Tanks so much, Slices of Py – they truly are amazing to encounter at such close range πŸ™‚ And tank you for your celebrating this positive health news with me – can’t wait to make more videos to share with you (fingers crossed for more octopuses for us both!!! πŸ˜€ ) Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  3. Great news on your latest medical update. Lets all hope you continue to become more healthy!!
    I particularly enjoy your spirit as I enter my own dance with the nasty creature cancer.
    Happy days

    • Tank you so much for your kind wishes, letkidsbekids. I am so sorry to learn that you are also facing a journey with cancer, but please be encouraged. You are SO much bigger than whatever cells in your body have started to play up. In this day and age, there is much that doctors can do for us and much that we can do for ourselves to support our health. Cancer is a wake up call to live life more fully, to embrace every moment, to face our fears and smash them out of the park. I sign up here and now to be on your moral support team! Life is yours to be lived, letkidsbekids2013! May your heart, body and mind be filled with peace, joy, courage and gratitude. Every blessing for the road ahead – amidst fears and confusion, the journey can be such a positive one, full of joy and growth, when we allow it to be. You can rise above the traditional doom and gloom and be victorious. Cheering you on, PT xxx

  4. What amazing and privileged encounters you have had. I love reading your posts and watching your videos. Stay positive and keep them coming. They always remind me to love the life I’m living πŸ™‚
    So pleased to hear you’ve had good news regarding your health!

    • Hey benprewett, tanks so much for your kind words – so glad you are enjoying some of my videos! I am so excited to share this first positive piece of news I’ve had about my health in a very long time πŸ™‚ I really appreciate sharing the highlights of my life on land and underwater through this blog. Tank you for celebrating my news with me! Happy diving to you and may all your wildest fishes come true πŸ˜€ Love and bubbles, PT πŸ™‚

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