Tiger Shark Tears (article & video)

Dear Critters,

Here are my reflections (both sobering and exhilarating) on my recent VERY CLOSE encounters with tiger sharks at a brilliant dive site called The Cathedral in Fiji where I celebrated my 400th dive. (I am now fast approaching Dive 500! In the battle of ‘Scuba Vs Tumour’, I believe scuba is winning!)

Please check out the ARTICLE published in the Feb 2016 edition of Dive Log Australasia (you can also find this article in full online on page 24 at THIS LINK which you may find easier to read) Plus scroll down for the VIDEO footage showing me playing with all the pretty tiger sharks (including a 14ft pregnant tiger within arm’s reach! Just look for the pink mask strap and that would be me.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.15.09 am

Full tanks to for this brilliant Bucket List adventure go to:

  • Our dear friends Lisa and Jason Howard who travelled all the way from NYC to share this adventure with me and my Spunky Abe (we first met them at the same resort two years prior and were so excited to have this reunion with them!)
  • Robert Crowe for the underwater Dive 400 photo and the shark photos that accompany the article and for the featured image on the Home Page for this post
  • The fabulous Beqa Lagoon Resort, Fiji who made this tiger shark dream come true for me (having stayed there twice, I can highly recommend for divers and non-divers alike)
  • Robert Crowe and  Andy Waldbaum for their video footage of me with the tiger sharks
  • Suuz Martinez of Scuba Do Rag  who surprised me for my Dive 400 by sending some awesome  pink scuba socks (no dive blisters!!!), underwater head wraps and an after dive skirt to help make this trip even more special! (Seriously, every diver should  check out her crazy cool underwater gear – it’s beyond perfect for warm water adventures!)

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx



8 thoughts on “Tiger Shark Tears (article & video)

  1. I think that the article you did for dive log is one of the best you have done. I believe that stories like this have the potential of connecting with many people and hopefully it will inspire people to care about sharks, understanding their true nature, instead of believing some of the absolute trashy journalistic reports which serve no purpose but to elevate some wanna be journalists ego. Few journalists have the want to write about the truth when the truth does not sensationalise, but the fact is that a story like yours is far more powerful and many a journalist could do to read it so that they can see how a good story can be written with the same impact they want, achieving the same sort of results, but sharing a truer view. Well done my friend. LP 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Tank you so much for your kind feedback and encouragement, LP. I certainly felt that this was the most important story I have been in a position to share and the most rewarding to write 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hehehe, Sandra 🙂 The funny thing is that the closer sharks get to me, the less yikes I find them! I actually think I go into some sort of zen like state as they approach, which is a good thing as they may not respond well to too much nervous energy 😀 So glad you are enjoying these underwater adventures (even from afar 😉 ) Love and bubbles, PT xxx

    • Tank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for your kind words, Mama Bear MM. May all of your wildest fishes come true! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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