Octopus Images and Videos


Dear Critters,

Hope you enjoy this next instalment in my ‘Critter Collection’ images and videos gallery (scroll down for the videos). This time we are featuring the inquisitive, intriguing and highly intelligent OCTOPUS. (New photos and videos will be added regularly to this gallery.) You can also check out my SEAHORSE, NUDIBRANCH, TASSELED ANGLERFISH and LATEST IMAGES galleries while you’re here! Plus stay tuned for more exciting critter galleries coming soon (under the ‘Images’ tab on this blog).

Love and bubbles, PT xxx





14 thoughts on “Octopus Images and Videos

  1. Beautiful photographs. You have an amazing eye and capture the essences of all sea creature. Thank you for sharing.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Tank you so much for your kind words, Paula. We miss diving with you and hope you are happy and well! Much love and many bubbles, PT xxx

  2. Tentacular gallery, loved and shared on my FB page. Thank you for this super cephalotreat, PT…. as always, you are awesome!
    Many-armed {{{{{HUGS}}}}} from a longtime Pink Tank Scuba fan in Noo Yawk,
    ~ Jill ~

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