Romeo and Jellyette


Dear Critters,


This week as I celebrated Dive 553, I stumbled upon several gorgeous lion’s mane sea jellies under one of my favourite local piers.


I felt very privileged to be able to share the experience with a lovely big leatherjacket fish who felt a bit peckish.


Although these images may look like Romeo and Jellyette sharing a special kiss, actually the fish was taking a nibble or two!


Although this was a morning dive, I achieved the black background by photographing the subjects against an open water background with a very fast shutter speed to block out the natural light, relying instead on my strobe flash to light up the fish and jelly.


Unlike the hungry leatherjacket, I was just happy to gaze in awe and take a selfie as the beautiful jellies floated on their blissfully merry way.


Love and bubbles,


PT Hirschfield xxx

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9 thoughts on “Romeo and Jellyette

    • Tank you so much, Marion 😀 I really think the black background helps the gorgeous colours of the jelly and leatherjacket to pop – a bit of an experiment for me, but I’m so glad it worked! 😀 xxx

    • Thank you so much Ellen! I really appreciate your feedback and the nomination. A little busy diving too much at the moment, but I will aim to come back at some time not too far off to answer the questions – many thanks – I enjoyed reading your answers! 😀 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

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