GALLERY: Spider Crabs

Dear Critters, I have been completely obsessed with photographing and videoing spider crabs for several years. They are absolutely fascinating both one on one and enmasse as they come into my local waters annually to moult from their old shells into their new ones. I hope you enjoy my spider crab videos, then scroll down […]

Video: Spider Crab Pyramid

Dear Critters, I’ve been getting into the water a lot more lately. I don’t believe that having to give up work because you’ve been diagnosed with terminal cancer means that you just need to lie down and wait to die. Palliative radiation has helped to control my symptoms to the point where I am now […]

Video: Spider Crab Disco

Dear Critters, Have you ever been to a spider crab disco? It’s both exciting and hilarious!  Thousands of eager crabs line up in anticipation outside the disco door, with bouncers to make sure everyone stays civilised. When the door opens, the impatient crowd climb over each other to get in, ready for some insane dance […]

Dive 253: More Spider Crabs!

Dear Critters, Even though I couldn’t find a dive buddy today, I just couldn’t resist another visit to the annual spider crab migration at Rye Pier! Spunky  Abe and the Golden Twins (my dogs Sophie Bear and Jake Baker) accompanied me to the pier to help me get in and out of the water, where […]

Dive 251+252 Rye Pier Spidercrab Migration!

Dear Critters, The spectacular spider crab migration at Rye Pier in Australia is without exaggeration one of the highlights of my life every year! You may have seen it featured on a David Attenborough special, or on the incredible Disney ‘Oceans’ film? To see it in real life is – quite simply – breath-taking, mind-boggling […]

Move over Ninja Turtles: Ninja Crab!

*Follow PINK TANK SCUBA on Facebook***Subscribe to this blog by email for updates* Dear Critters, MOVE OVER NINJA TURTLES – there’s a New Ninja in Town! Watch as this amazing NINJA CRAB molts from its shell high up on the wall of Blairgowrie Pier above the hungry stingrays that patrol the sand below. Once it […]

Dive 254 Crab Farewell

Dear Critters, Today I dived with my best buddy LP for our final chance to say goodbye to all of the lovely crabs that had survived the annual migration to Rye Pier; they are now headed back out to deeper parts of the bay where they will hibernate under the sand for up to 8 […]

Interview with The Dodo

Dear Critters, I don’t often talk about cancer anymore. Having been originally diagnosed in 2010, then rediagnosed in both 2013 and 2014 (when I was told I could not be cured and completed palliative radiotherapy), over time this illness has gradually faded far into the background of my thoughts. Most days I barely think of […]

Gallery: Leafy Seadragons

  Dear Critters, Follow Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Thank you for joining me on my ‘Scuba Vs Tumour’ adventures! I hope that you enjoy this latest small gallery of STUNNING Leafy Seadragons – a special critter that is exclusive to the waters of South Australia (these were taken at the beautiful […]

Gallery: Fish Images

Dear Critters, Follow Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Thank you for joining me on my ‘Scuba Vs Tumour’ adventures! I hope that you enjoy this latest gallery of pretty fishes to which new photos and videos will be added frequently. While you are here, feel free to also check out the following […]

Cuttlefish Images and Videos

Dear Critters, Please also follow Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you are looking for the FULL STORY and video of the cuttlefish that invited me to die with it (as per The Guardian Podcast or The Blunt Report Podcast), HERE’s the link to that blog post about My Most Extraordinary Encounter. Thank […]

Stingrays Gallery (Pics & Video)

*** PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR IMAGES AND VIDEOS *** Dear Critters, Just like sharks got an eternally bad wrap when Steven Speilberg depicted them as monsters in 1975, most people now automatically associate stingrays with the death of Steve Irwin. In my experience, the huge smooth rays I dive with are gentle, curious puppies with […]

Divers Image Gallery

Dear Critters, Some of my favourite underwater critters are definitely scuba divers! Most of the lovely people pictured below are my regular dive buddies, plus others I have met during my underwater adventures (sometimes even random divers I have still never met on land to this day!) Maybe you will see yourself featured here now […]


  OTHER PRINT & ONLINE MEDIA FEATURES   31 Jan 2019   The Guardian: Cuttlefish Podcast (listen from 13:30-24:05 for PT’s Interview) 19 Nov            Sport Diver 7 Best Ocean Themed Podcasts: Blunt Report Podcast: PT Hirschfield 18 June 2017 The Scuba News Featured Diver: PT Hirschfield April 2017 RACV Magazine: Giant […]

Video: Molt Hard, Die Harder

Follow PINK TANK SCUBA on Facebook! Dear Critters, As someone who has been diagnosed with terminal endometrial cancer, this year is all about ticking things off my Bucket List. I am thrilled to report that, during a 137 minute dive in 12 degree celcius water yesterday at Blairgowrie Pier, I finally crossed ‘film a spider […]

Dive 350: Live to DiVe Another Day

Follow Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook Dear Critters, By now, anyone who follows Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook knows that Dive 350 earlier this week was the dive that almost claimed my life – before I had even put my fins on. It all happened so quickly. My buddy Ruth and I had just changed […]

Video: Angel Shark

Follow Pink Tank Scuba on Facebook Dear Critters, Recently I had the most incredible weekday dive at Blairgowrie Pier in Melbourne with six other divers. The objective of the dive was to see whether we could locate any of the fascinating and cutely grotesque tasselled anglerfish that disguise themselves as soft corals and sponge and […]

Dive 318: Fluffy Muppet Fish

Dear Critters,   The last week of diving in Melbourne has been some of the best I have ever done. Over the past three or four dives, I have encountered giant stingrays, a hunting blue-ringed octopus, about 1000 spider crabs during their annual pre-migration, one of the largest cuttlefish I’ve ever seen, a large octopus that […]

PADI Video of the Week!

Dear Critters, I am very excited that PADI have featured my recent ‘Spider Crab Disco’ film as their ‘Video of the Week’! In my opinion, PADI are the best provider of scuba diving training in the world (and they’re definitely not paying me to say that! 🙂 )If you ever decide to do an introductory […]

Dive 257: Nudis & Punks!

Dear Critters, I kid you not – today’s cold wintery dive with my buddy LP was filled with nudis and punks! By nudis, I’m referring to nudibranchs, those gorgeous decorative sea slugs that Blairgowrie Marina is famous for. We spotted at least 4 different varieties of nudibranch, including a pair mating on a pylon. To […]

Video: Seahorse Encounter

Dear Critters, I have so many videos and photos to share with you from my dives yesterday and today at the annual spider crab migration at Rye  Pier. Today, crab numbers had begun to build – perhaps there were as many as 10,000, but who can count such an invasion? So when this beautiful spotted […]

Who is PT?

Underwater Adventurer PT Hirschfield inspires all who come into contact with her award winning marine life portraits, underwater animal behaviour videos, reflective blog posts and public speaking engagements. Her work promotes quality of life for all and a deep sense of awe and wonder about the ocean. PT welcomes opportunities to review high quality dive […]