31 Jan 2019   The Guardian: Cuttlefish Podcast (listen from 13:30-24:05 for PT’s Interview)

19 Nov            Sport Diver 7 Best Ocean Themed Podcasts: Blunt Report Podcast: PT Hirschfield

18 June 2017 The Scuba News Featured Diver: PT Hirschfield

April 2017 RACV Magazine: Giant Spider Crabs swarm in Port Phillip Bay

31 Jan 2017  Angry Hungry Amazing Octopus (Viral Video) featured on: CBS, LiveScienceIFL Science, EarthTouchNews, Gizmodo, MSN, Daily Telegraph, Laughing SquidAOL, Thrilllist and many more


19 July 20016 Warrnambool Standard Cancer Inspires Diving Quest (Online News Feature)

13 July 2016 Warrnambool Standard A Dive A Day Keeps the Doctors Away (Online News Feature)

7 Aug 2015 MSN News Stargazer Buries Itself (Online News Feature)

5 Aug 2015 Huffington Post  Ninja Crab Molts and Rolls (Online News Feature) – also Yahoo News, AOL, LiveLeak, Daily Motion, etc

18 July 2015  International Women’s Dive Day, NSW

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.05.09 am

6 July 2015  International Business Times Diver With Terminal Cancer Captures Video (Online Feature)

4 July 2015   RRRfm Radio Marinara Live Interview  (16:00-36:30) (Radio Interview)

3 July 2015 Herald Sun ‘Invasion of the Spider Crabs’  Pics 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11  (Image Gallery)

2 July 2015     Mashable Stingray eats Spider Crab like Spaghtetti Marinara (Viral Video Feature)

1 July 2015        9MSN Spider Crab Molts from Shell (Online news feature)

2 May 2015        Focus on the Family Australia  ‘Months to Live’ (Radio Interview)

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.26.56 pm








22 April 2015     People Magazine Online Scuba Diver Encounters Massive Pile of Spider Crabs  (Feature)

22 April 2015     PADI Video of the Week Spider Crab Pyramid (Online Feature)

20 April 2015    Right this Minute Life Underwater is Amazing (Viral Video Show)

19 April 2015       Unexplained Mysteries Diver Films Huge Pyramid of Spider Crabs (Feature)

18 April 2015       Daily Mail  Victoria Crab Migration Caught on Video (News Feature)

17 April 2015        9MSN Spider Crab Pyramid ( News Feature)

17 April 2015        TripleM Radio Aussie Diver Films Incredible ‘Crab Pyramid’ (Online Feature)

16 April 2015   Spider Crabs Build Big Pyramid (Online Feature)

23 Feb 2015  Lonely Seahorse Seeks Escape (Online Feature)

23 Feb 2015          Daily Kos Cancer as a Wake Up Call (2nd half of extended Essay)

22 Feb 2015          Jukin 301 Great White Shark Tumour Biopsy (2:03-2:46; Viral Video Show)

2 December 2014  Huffington Post Lonely Seahorse Lost in an Invasion (Online Feature)

10 July 2014 PADI Video of the Week Spider Crab Migration (Online Feature)

2012   8th Pakenham National Photography Exhibition – People’s Choice Award


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