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Underwater Adventurer PT Hirschfield inspires all who come into contact with her award winning marine life portraits, underwater animal behaviour videos, reflective blog posts and public speaking engagements. Her work promotes quality of life for all and a deep sense of awe and wonder about the ocean. PT welcomes opportunities to review high quality dive experiences and equipment as well as all media queries. She is happy to consider invitations to write commissioned articles and to deliver live speaking engagements with an inspirational and educational focus. She is a passionate, articulate and engaging verbal and written communicator who has a proven ability to connect with audiences of all ages. PT’s images have been recognised in various international photography competitions, including two first place category entries plus the Grand Prize of the Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018 competition of the Australasian International Dive Expo plus a first place in the 2018 Ocean Art International Underwater Photography competition and recognition in the 2018 Deep Visions and Scuba Diving Photo Contest . Please direct all queries to: pinktankscuba@gmail.com

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Dear Critters,

I’m a real-life mermaid, writer, underwater photographer and videographer and public speaker. According to everyone who knows me, I have a serious case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Diving), having done over 1000 scuba dives. Five years and 800 dives ago I was advised that I had incurable recurrent endometrial cancer (you can read more about this in posts throughout this blog e.g. HERE). But as far as I know, everyone is going to die sometime (I just don’t have the luxury of denial). So we may as well all make the most out of the days we have rather than lament the ones we don’t, right? As it turns out, diving as much as I do has been almost miraculous for my health!

I live in Melbourne, Australia and usually dive on the Mornington Peninsula which makes me feel fully alive! I also love to dive in places like the Great Barrier Reef, Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, PNG, the Maldives and the Philippines whenever I get the chance.

I have crossed Great Whites ,  Tiger Sharks  , hammerheads and whale sharks off my Bucket List. But I am still desperate to dive with whales, basking sharks and the elusive blanket octopus. I am a qualified Master Diver with specialist training in Underwater Photography, Wreck Diving, Nitrox and Rescue. I also have a certification in Underwater Navigation, but following me underwater would be a huge mistake!

The purpose of this blog is to share the ocean with you and to remind all the critters that read my posts that we ALL have a role to play in keeping the ocean safe and healthy for the well-being of the planet we must be advocates and custodians of. I also want to encourage you to stay positive and grateful no matter what you may go through in life.  And yes, I most certainly DO dive with a pink tank!

Please go to the HOME page of this blog and click on any of the tiles to access the videos, images and stories of my ‘Scuba Vs Tumour’ underwater adventures. I look forward to sharing the ocean with you! And don’t forget to follow my images and videos on Pink Tank Scuba Facebook, Instagram, YouTube !

Love and Bubbles,

PT xxx


Guest Speaking Appearances & Testimonials


25 May 2019 Guest Speaker for Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre’s 10th Annual Marine Science Forum ~ review by Kerryn Wood

PT Hirschfield’s emotional, sincere, insightful and inspirational presentation at this year’s Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre’s 10th Annual Marine Science Forum, left the audience not only in tears, but with a renewed vigour to enjoy life, to live a full and satisfying life to the best of one’s ability, and to be the very best version of oneself.  PT herself lives this way like a true mermaid: under the sea. PT appears fearless as she tackles life head on, fins up, and mostly in a wetsuit as she continues to be true to her own motto, ‘Live every day as though you might dive”. Sharing with a room full of strangers, PT’s story of her battle with cancer is absorbed, felt and the emotion in the room is palpable. Her passion for life under the sea is obvious and shines through via her brilliant and stunning photographs, her videos, and her own authentic voice, as she shares the nature of the myriad of marine creatures that bring her such joy and love. It was an honour and a privilege to have met PT Hirschfield and to have her as a special guest speaker for the 2019 Annual Marine Science Forum.


2 Dec 2018 Guest Speaker for Mt Martha Yacht Club Official Opening Day for Season 2018-2019 ~ review by Lisa Gould

PT Hirschfield gave a very informative presentation about the sea life that inhabits the bay, the rare species that she has encountered and the strange occurrences that happen “under our boats”. We were entertained by  a  video that showed Spider Crabs shedding their shells for far as the eye could see, photos of cute (as PT calls them) sea slugs and nudibranchs and award winning photos of seahorses.  I’m sure I am not the only one who has been educated in regards to just how many critters are out there in our wonderful bay. PT’s enthusiasm in regards to the wildlife was contagious and I’m sure that everyone enjoyed her informative presentation. PT stayed afterwards to answer any questions that our member had and was kept busy for a good few hours of her own time. Thanks once again PT – your presentation was excellent.


13 Sept 2018 Guest Speaker for Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care Group 


18 June 2018 Guest Speaker for Rosebud CWA (Country Women’s Association) AGM


20 Feb 2018 Guest Speaker for Marine Care Rickett’s Point Annual General Meeting

PT  gave a most heartfelt and valued talk on both her health battles and her deep love of marine life. The many anecdotal stories on her encounters with sea animals held our members’ full attention, and her love of those creatures was well illustrated by her anthropomorphic view of the behaviours she has so often observed and filmed. Those of us who,  in particular , dive, are most grateful for her leading role and continuing fight to protect our Port Phillip Bay Rays from unnecessary harm. We all love her!

Raymond Lewis OAM, President MCRP Inc (2008- 2014)


20 May 2017 Guest Speaker for BERG, Mt Martha ~ review by Angela Kirsner, Editor ‘The Creek’ 

“MERMAID IN ACTION! For scuba divers, Port Phillip Bay is up there with the best in the world, according to self-styled ‘real life mermaid’ PT Hirschfield. This ‘obsessive compulsive diver’ (her words!), her stories, her passion, her stunning underwater photography, had her audience riveted when she spoke for BERG MM at Mt Martha House on 20th May. She showed us brilliantly coloured nudibranchs – Sea Slugs – a highlight of diving below Blairgowrie pier. A Tasselled Angler Fish cunningly disguised as seaweed lured its dinner. There were vivid little fish with horns and delicious names – Cow Fish, Goblin Fish, Globe Fish; sea horses and dragons; iridescent squid and cuttlefish; and elegant and beautiful Sting Rays.We watched tens of thousands of spider crabs swarming off Blairgowrie to moult, their newly soft bodies easy pickings for predators. There is safety in numbers – but not for all. We watched PT’s footage of a crab slowly struggling from its shell while a huge Smooth Ray looked on. As the crab finally emerged, the Ray nudged PT gently aside to claim its dinner! Once a ridiculously hard-working teacher and Year 12 coordinator, PT left it all behind when she was diagnosed with advanced endometrial cancer. A daunting program of treatment followed, and palliative radiation began in 2014. Through it all, her delight has been to dive. Only one of her 650 plus dives has been without cancer. She has become a passionate advocate for protection of the marine environment. She told of the cruelty to Sting Rays and Banjo Sharks (AKA Fiddler Rays) by some recreational anglers. Caught on lines, too often they are mutilated, fins and tails cut off, mouths torn, then thrown back alive into the water. PT has set up Project Banjo Action Group, to lobby for action. It is starting to see results. She has also set up a Facebook page for sharing underwater images, a citizen science initiative that helps track what is in Port Phillip. This magical underwater world is right here, PT said, waving towards the Bay, and age is no barrier (this to an audience with a fair sprinkling of ‘oldies’!). PT has dived with all ages, from children to people in their 80s.”


129 thoughts on “Who is PT?

  1. You are certainly one inspiring mermaid!
    I have just read about you in a 2015 Nature & Health magazine.All the very best with your journey.

    Gail from Sydney.

    • Hi Gail – thank you so much for your kind feedback 🙂 Following that article in Nature and Health I am still going strong – the ocean is a wonderful healer and I continue to defy what has been predicted for me 🙂 Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  2. PT, thanks for a fantastic and motivating talk at our AGM on Tuesday.

    Thank you for being such an inspiring advocate of our local marine environment (even the converted)! Your work has stopped the unnecessary slaughter of gentle inhabitants of our bay, for which we are indebted. Thank you and keep up the great initiative, MCRP

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. It was my absolute pleasure to speak to such a beautiful group of humans! Love and bubbles, PT xxx

  3. Hi PT, Nice meeting you at OZTEK. As I am a sponsor of the Underwater Tour Event coming your way in May, I will get a few free tickets to give away. Let me know if you wold like one or two. Cheers, Kevin

    • Hi Kevin, apologies for the delayed reply! It was awesome to meet you at OZTek as well! Alas I had already purchased a ticket to the Underwater Tour Event but now will be heading to PNG and Solomons instead so had to on-sell my ticket. Thank you so much for your kind offer! Hope to run into you again in the future!

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